Ranking Number Variables

Sep 11, 2015

Hello Community,

My team is working on a course that allows the learner grab from a list of 200 words and choose 20 personal values they identify with. The course allows them to put the 20 words in a series of 1 vs 1 comparisons where they select the word they identify with most between the two. This adds to a number variable associated with the text variable for the word. After 190 wordmash comparisons, each of their original 20 words has a score based on how many times they chose that word over another word. (See the attached .story for a simpler version of what I'm talking about)


Here's my question: Is there a way to assign a rank based on each word's number variable. I'd like to change the state of the learner's top 7 attributes. I can think of a way of using triggers and conditions to accomplish this, but it would require several thousand triggers, with almost 100 conditions per trigger. If there is a simpler way, or if it's not worth pursuing I'd appreciate any help or advice.



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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Eric,

I think you will reach the limits of SL when trying to bring your idea into reality.

I would solve your idea with a flash object which offers a programming language (action script) and data structures like arrays which can handle 200 words and other values.

New problem: if you want to use your course on computers without flash this will not work.

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