Re-arrange SL2 Scenes

Storyline 2

I have a main menu that links to 4 scenes. In the storyline view they appear out of order from left to right. I want to re-order them so they start in order from the left side to the right side. I thought re-ordering the triggers on the menu slide might do it, but you can't re-order them. The up/dn arrows stay greyed out and I can't seem to drag the scenes around to re-arrange the order. Any ideas?

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Bob O'Donnell

Sorry, that doesn't seem to work. If I cut and paste or simply remove the menu triggers, the scenes all fall back into the same order. Its weird... without triggers, they appear in order, as soon as they are linked, they are backwards. It would be nice to be able to just "drag" them into the correct viewing order.

Bob O'Donnell

Its not confusing at all... it just doesn't seem to work in the Storyline 2 file. The link example you specified shows the process in Storyline 1 (which probably works ok), not Storyline 2.

I tried both options and each time I re-link the menu options to the scenes they plot on screen out of sequence - always backwards. Weird because once you remove the triggers, they appear on screen in the proper order. If you want a look, I can send it to you.