Re-entering course in LMS always at the position left

Hi everyone,

I am searching for an idea to solve the current hickup in the LMS training I produced. The course runs normally up to a certain slide. Whenever I close the course and re-enter it will start at the page that I left. Only if I continue the course beyond a certain page, it will always return to that page independend of where I closed it.

So far I checked the slide advance options and put all slides to "by User" and "resume saved state". However the problem remains. Is there anything else to set?


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Ali Goulet

Hey Monique! Sorry that's happening-- let's get to the bottom of it.

Try giving your course a test run in SCORM Cloud to see if the same thing happens there. That'll give us a better idea whether the issue LMS related or file related.

If it doesn't happen in SCORM Cloud, take a look at this information about exceeding suspend data limits and give those solutions a whirl. 

You're also welcome to share your .story file here, and I'd be happy to help with testing! You can add it right to a comment as an attachment.

Keep me posted!