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Feb 27, 2013

When posting results of Likert Scale, how can you get it to display results. I have set scale of 1 to 4. I was hoping it would add together it give me a range. I am expecting too much.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Gertrude:

Some place after the likart scale (or all other), insert a new lide from the Insert ribbon and select the Results tab along the top. The second Results slide is a survey Results slide.

It is not possible out of the box, to display answers in the survey results slide. To display answers in teh results, you will need to populate variables in your survey questions then display them in the results slide.

Hope this helps.

Rest Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall

Hi Gertrude:

Surveys are not scored. You cannot pass or fail a survey.

As I mentioned above, the only thing you could possilby do (using variables and a great deal of manual work) would be to post the survey answers on the results slide.


i create a survey that asks the person their name (Short answer question)

The Short Answer question will create a Variable named "TextEntry"

I then add a Survey Results Slide and insert a Text Box entering "Your name is: %TextEntery%"

The result of this is that the survey results page will display the information teh user entered in teh survey.

Unfortunately, I do not know what Variable name the Likert scale selections, so if any Heros can assist with this information, it would be of help.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dennis,

Not sure if you watched Jeanette's Screenr, but she actually shows how to create a survey using a sleep assessment as a model. I've used this model successfully in a project I was hired to do for a client who needed a Likert scale survey for patients in a clinic.

If you'd like, I can upload something similar here - although probably not until this evening.

Gertrude Mandeville

Actually, it was a survey that measures their own practice. So by scoring by question, I was able to give the students a score range so they could see where they fell and adjust their practice appropriately so Jeannette's video was actually just what I needed since I didn't realize that you could give each answer a score.

Dennis Hall

Please excuse me ladies:

I clearly needed more coffee before stepping on my toes here. Rebecca: Please accept my appologies for questioning your solution, and yes, I think uploading as sample would be a great idea for the community.

I myself will be very interested to see the likert scale solution, as this is the only survey answer I have not figured out how to display the result of in my solution.

Gertrude, I now understand, you want to present a score rather than the details of the learners answers, therefore, you are actually creating a quiz because you want to score the user. Whereas a survey question contains no score.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

I've created a "pretend" survey and have uploaded it here. So y'all can "see" the scale, I've included text boxes on the first slide as you can see in the screen shot (surrounded by red-outlined rectangle.

Also, I've inserted a text box that included a reference to the variable so you can see the results as they're tallying. The reference is on all slides but the first (including the results layers).All of these items would be removed from the final content.

This was created using the approach Jeanette modeled in the Screenr I noted above. The only difference is that I used a Pick One.instead of standard MC.

Dennis Hall

Hi Rebecca:

Thanks for taking the time...

Now I see in reality, it is not a likert scale, however, your creative approach allows the user to think they are in one.

I had not thought of this at all as my mind was only wrapped around a survey version of the real likert.

You are a very creative thinker.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Elias Paniagua

Hi all, this chocoholic example really works beautifully! I just have a big question :

How do you prevent the CORRECT / INCORRECT Notice and the Cross / Checkmark from appearing??!!!  


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro said:

I've created a "pretend" survey and have uploaded it here. So y'all can "see" the scale, I've included text boxes on the first 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Zio! If someone in the community has a better solution for you, then that would be great. If you feel like this functionality is not to your liking, then you are welcome to submit a feature request for what you would like to see. As far as accessing variables that are stored, I'm sure that is not something that we would allow, but you are more than welcome to touch base with support on this. I noticed you had another thread here, so I feel like you aren't getting the answer that you may be looking for or it may just be that I am not understanding.

Zio Fonta

well, this is not a feature request at all... it is a bug notice. If a certain funcionality as "printresult" is implemented, but it doesn't print a correct report, this is called "bug" try to insert yourself a likert scale and then to print the result, the output is completely inconsistent. I will try to reformat the report.html to create one if i can play correctly with variables. I'll let you know, but you should agree with me this is a bad bug and not a feature request...

thank you

Zio Fonta

hi Leslie,

i worked on report.html file and i could fix the javascript issue causing this improper cell population. On the original file, all the response is saved into one single text variable, using a special character for separating values (bad, unsorted solution). Moreover this variable contains, alternating, the statement and the choiche of the user. I had to modify the javascript code as follow: split this text variables into 2 arrays (extracting even and odd values), then writing a new table and positioning correctly each array item in a distinct table cell to give it an order. Since certain columns as "score" or "correct answers" are needed (we are in a likert scale...) i commented the code, while it should be automatically ignored if it would be written correctly.

Hope this can help if someone need to customize a report by a likert scale data source.

Alexandre Tavares

Hi Rebecca,


While searching for a solution I came across this post.

The visual aspect of your slide is really cool for a survey, however how can we collect the answers in LMS?


Is there a trigger or something which allows us to see which button the user pressed?

This rather seemed to be a button, and not the options from Survey templates in Storyline2.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alexandre!

Sorry to say that Rebecca does not make it back to the forums very often. I wanted to share that you have the option to score by choice on some question types:

By choice: This option lets you assign a different score to each answer choice. It's only available for some question types, including Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot.

This would allow you to report on a results slide as expected and report to LMS.

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