Re-number scenes - Storyline 2

How do I renumber scenes? Right now my starting scene is 7, I need it to be 1. I've looked at all of the old solutions people have posted and nothing works. One guy said "Figured it out!!" and of course didn't post his solution. Cutting and pasting the scene doesn't work. The "screeners" are either missing or useless. An Articulate employee posted a "screener" that supposedly had a solution but that did not work. If you work at articulate perhaps you could do others a favor and post and answer in the format "Step 1, step 2, step 3, etc." 

Dragging and dropping scenes in the story view seems to be such a basic UI feature...  Tons of good ideas in storyline but the implementation is really week and there are tons of missing features and bugs... so please help!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, James.  I made a Peek screencast for you showing how you can cut and paste scenes to re-number them.  Here are the steps:

  1. In Story view, select the scene you want to move.
  2. Choose Cut from your toolbar.
  3. Select the scene that should come before the scene you're moving.
  4. Choose Paste.

The scene you moved should now numerically fall into place, and other subsequent scenes will be re-numbered.

Sometimes we'll ask "why" a few times to get at the heart of what you need to do to make your course design ideas work. Often after a few "whys," better suggestions can be made.  I hope my video is helpful, and let me know if you need anything else!