Re-positioning slides in the Storyline Menu (in the player)

Oct 16, 2019


I'm new to Storyline.

I am building a prototype eLearning course for my team. I created a title slide, a home/welcome slide, and five overview slides that branch off from the home/welcome slides. Each overview slide has 2-3 content slides underneath it. I did this to create modules that the student can move between. In Story View, everything looks as expected. However, when I previewed my prototype, I noticed that the menu in the player presented the slides in a different order, and the navigation using the < and > buttons on the player followed the order in the menu. Not what I was expecting!

I have since cleaned up some issues with the player triggers, and figured out how to manually re-arrange my slides in the player menu properties, so now that behaves as expected. 

My question: is there a way to ensure that Storyline adds the slides to the menu in the order that I prefer while I'm creating the overall structure? That way I don't need to rely on the menu properties to re-arrange the slides manually?

I attached a screenshot of the buttons I used to re-arrange the slides.



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Ren Gomez

Hi John,

One way to ensure your slides are transitioning correctly would be to specify what slide it's jumping to instead of Jump to Next Slide. You can click on that hyperlink and select the correct slide.

Also, in the image you shared of the Player. Next to the arrows is a gear button and Reset from story button. Clicking on that will re-arrange your menu to how you set it in Story view! Hope this helps!

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