Re-Quizzing - Missed Questions Only

It appears that SLs quizzing functionality doesn't include the ability to retake a quiz, but only on the questions previously missed.

I suspect I can do this manually, but since my quizzes contain a LOT of questions, this will require a LOT of variables and checks. For example, I create a quiz with 60 questions. I also create 60 boolean variables (wish we had arrays...) to flag the missed questions. User takes the quiz, the "Incorrect" layer sets the boolean. Then when the user repeats the quiz, each question slide first checks it's boolean. If marked as correct from prior quiz, jump to the next slide and check it. Trickle through the list of questions skipping those that were answered correctly.

This will probably work, but it will be exceedingly messy. I'll have 12 different quizzes, each averaging about 50 questions. That's a lot of overhead to flag and test all the question slides.

Anyone have a better idea?

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Steve Flowers

Hey, Russ - 

Can't offer any suggestions for doing this inside of Storyline. I think configuration through manual logic is untenable (tantamount to water boarding) and not maintainable. I'd search for a Web based or Flash based way to accomplish this and embed as a Web object. 

You might be able to mitigate some of the logic by dividing your questions up into question pools and creatively managing the questions served up by group. This would give the learner a topical serving of assessment items that they failed to master. So rather than retesting on 20 out of 50 questions, the participant would be  retested on 2 out of 5 sections. This might or might not serve up the same questions but aligns with objective mastery and not the potentially statistically invalid per-question failure to master.

Sounds like a great feature suggestion. This isn't the first time this has come up in the forums.

Russell Still

Yeah, I knew I would be creating a snake pit. Just hoped there might be another way to do it that hadn't occurred to me. My stuff has to run on an iPad so flash solutions aren't going to do it. Bummer... If we just had arrays, some of this type of processing would be doable (albeit still not pleansant).

You would think that being able to retest on missed questions would be a fairly common need among developers.

tim price

Hi Russ, I had the same question and was referred to  James Kingsley who replied with:

...Actually I just built a "widget" to solve this issue. We have a client that wanted to do the same thing but its not really possible so we came up with another solution.

Our widget lists all the questions that were missed. This way the student knows which questions they got right/wrong and the second time around they can change the answers as needed. 

It's not quite the same but in the end it met their needs. 

I plan to package it up and put on our site for sale in the next few days if you are interested in it....

So hopefully this might be an option, at least until the Articulate people get around to coming up with their own solution.


Russell Still

Hmmm... odd... thought I already replied to this (mumbling to myself). Anyway, Tim, dude, thanks for chiming in. That sounds really interesting. I'm afraid his code may be in JavaScript which precludes its use on the iPad, but I'm sure interested to find out. I'll see if I can get him to join this thread.