Re: Renumbering Slides/Scenes

Aug 15, 2016

RE: Renumbering scenes/slides and further to this;

I like to publish a hard copy in MS Word for my key stakeholders and although the structure in Storyview is correct, when I print from the publisher, the order of print is as per the numbering of the slides which means I have to manually readjust all scenes by cutting and pasting and manually renumbering in Word.

When I publish the story to view on the web however and in fact to publish as a SCORM package in our LMS, the story/project works as it was designed.

Is there a way of publishing to Word (adjust the scenes) so that they will publish as per the story?

I have added a pdf of the story view and drawn in the numbers in which the scenes are viewed vs the slide numbers Storyline generated.  Yes, they were added later at the bequest of the stakeholders.

Thank you.

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