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Dave Cox

Hi Jeff,

Although I haven't seen that specific corruption problem, I have seen issues where a slide may become corrupt, preventing the entire project from running. For this reason, and many others, I have a habit of saving out a new file daily as I progress through my work. 

I suggest you find out if there are any slide that have been updated in the corrupted project that you need, and then import those slides, 1 at a time, into your good project. If they are good slides, you can always replace the slide that they update in your slide deck.


Jeff Forrer

Thanks for your response Dave.  Myself and another have been passing a file back and forth and he was on an earlier version of SL 360, he was on 3.39, I am on 3.41.  That I suspect may cause some issue, but not sure.  I did try creating a new file and importing the slides into it, but the issue seemed to come back. 

Some of the strange behavior is that a slider becomes non-draggable when near the bottom 50 pixels of the slide.  I have tried a clean slide and master with nothing on it, and if I move it up, it works, back near the bottom it does not.  When I go to the Modern vs. Classic Player it seems to be available anywhere.  If I create a similar slider in the same size new file, all is good.  Really odd.  I will report back when I find out more.