Re-set to Initial State doesn't work

Dec 24, 2014

Hi all, 

I've been a user of Articulate for a while now and, with the latest update, it seems to have knocked the "reset to initial state" out a bit. 

Basically, I have an optional audio track on each slide. I have a "pause layer" which pauses the track so it doesn't play automatically. The user then has to click "play" to start the audio. 

This works fine, unless I click to the next slide and then navigate back to the original slide again. The audio then starts automatically. I have set both the pause layer and the slide properties to reset to initial state. 

I can sort of get around this by setting them to "saved state" but this isnt ideal. This used to work on the old Articulate - just wondered why it doesnt work on the new one? 


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