Re-sizing objects based on variables

Sep 12, 2018

I thought I saw a tutorial somewhere where someone resized an object in a Storyline course based on a variable from the course, using a custom JavaScript trigger.  (That is, depending on the value of a variable, the size of an object on a slide would be different.) Now that I actually have a reason to do that, though, I can't find it anywhere. Has anyone seen such a thing? 

I'm starting to wonder if it was even for Storyline, though until I started looking this morning, I was sure it was. (We looked into using other tools, such as Captivate before settling on this one, so it's possible I'm getting them mixed up.)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Griz!

I did a deep dive into our archives 🔎, but I'm not finding a discussion about resizing an object based on a variable using a Javascript trigger. I did, however, find this similar discussion which might be a good starting point for you. 

If you're able to make it work, be sure to share your solution with us!

Griz Morrison

That similar discussion was helpful.   Thanks Alyssa!  What we're trying to do is create a custom progress bar that only counts certain slides.   Our current version involves oodles of teeny tiny rectangles with different states on every slide, which makes adding and removing slides in a project extremely fiddly.

Using a slider would technically work. The question is whether the team thinks it's pretty enough and users will understand it.  We shall see.

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