Re-taking a section of a course without the "forced" video

I work for a k12 school where students are required to achieve 70% on all assignments. I teach computer classes so I am often completing Storylines with simulations. Keep in mind I do not do one Storyline for a course, but several short ones instead. I want the students to be "required" to watch the video the first time so I have taken off the previous and next buttons and set it to move on automatically when media completes. However, I need it set so that a student can re-take the Storyline. I don't want to just retake the quiz because then it doesn't include the simulations. I want them to redo the entire Storyline (remember they are like 20 minutes long each) if they did not pass, but to not have to re-watch the video. I know that in the Story View it has an option that says "when revising" and I can choose "resume saved state". The problem is right now if a student needs to retake it because they must do the simulations too, the way they redo is to say no on resume where you left off and start over. By doing that it resets everything so it does make them redo the video. So the question is, is there a way to allow a user to complete it all once (with videos on move on when media completed), but then allow them to re-complete the entire thing, but be able to skip over the quiz?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amy!  It sounds like you'd like them to be able to retake the entire course with the option of skipping the video, and that you've instructed them not to resume when revisiting the course.

I think with a little tweaking you should be able to make this work.  At what point will they retake the course?  Does that happen right after the quiz?

You can use a true/false variable to keep track of the media completing, and show the Next button if the variable is true (which would happen on the second attempt through the course).

As for the resume behavior, if they choose not to resume, it will always reset the course, including variables.  So, I might recommend allowing them to always resume (unless they want to fully start over) and have an easy way to get back to the first slide in the course to start again.

Please feel free to share your file here for others to see your setup!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

If you're resetting the course as a whole, you'd also be resetting the variable associated with your video. So in Crystal's description, if the user chooses not to Resume it'll reset everything. If they choose to Resume, they'll be able to go back to earlier slides and won't be locked into rewatching the video as the variable will still hold true.

Hope that helps!