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Dec 18, 2014

Hi all,

Has anyone else had issues with the Re-try Quiz Button, I know there was an issue with this in HTML 5 though I have update 3 installed and also deselected output of Html5 and i've still got major issue.

When user selects the re-try quiz button in my course where pass rate is set to 72% after randomly selecting questions from pool, as soon as users select this button it sends the attached raw score and updates the pass rate and course to complete without user even attempting to try questions again.

please help, i have no current work around even as when i remove this re-try button and when user selects to resume course, it remembers old question answers and cant re-submit. I have navigation restricted since they must view all slides prior to attempting quiz.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Sinead!

Articulate Storyline communicates course completion to a learning management system (LMS) as soon as the learner meets the completion requirement—i.e., either when they reach the designated quiz result slide or when they've viewed the required number of slides.

If you are tracking with a results slide on this quiz, the score will be sent when they reach this results slide.

Have you tested this course in the SCORM Cloud to see if you can get a second score t o pass, and to see if you can re submit the course a second time?

sinead madden

Hi Emily,

S2 is unfortunately very error prone and i'm regretting purchasing upgrade now. This also happens in Scorm cloud, log file:

Course published as scorm 2004 v2, and tracking as "complete/incomplete", set course pass rate "72%.

The issue is not that i cant get the course to pass on any multiple attempts, issue is that the course updates to "completed" incorrectly when user has not achieved course completion score.

I have logged issue ticket with storyline file sent too ( 00446825)

Please advise, is there a way to convert content to S1?

Emily Ruby

Hello Sinead!

I do see that this issue has been determined to only affect projects with Question banks. For a temporary solution, you may  want to remove questions banks in your project.  It looks as if Support sent you a reply earlier this morning.

We will share any updates when the QA team has other information to share.

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