Re-using content from storyline in captivate

Is it possible to copy content (not imported as an image/video/etc but  natively created in storyline ) from storyline and paste it in adobe captive ? I have created some good graphics in storyline, which I want to use in some slides in captivate , without the need to recreate them. Is this possible ?If so, how , as I tried to simply copy from storyline ( thinking it would be available on clipboard ) and paste in captivate 6, but that did not work.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kabir,

I suppose it depends on what type of content you're wanting to move over. If it's just graphics, you can save them as images and import them into Captivate. 

Also, you can do this with multiple items at one time, if you want to use them as a single image. So, say you have 3 graphics on your slide you'd like to bring over to Captivate, but you want to keep them together as one graphic. Hold down your CTRL key and select the items. Then, right-click and choose "Save as picture". You'll be able to save (by default) as a PNG, or you can choose a different format. 

Hope this helps :)