Re-using introductory slide in Quizzes - Storyline 13

Jul 25, 2020

I am importing my quizzes from Studio 13 into Storyline 3. I created an intro slide that I really like. Tried the copy and paste into my next quiz but that did not work.

How can I copy an intro slide, or convert it into an asset that I can import into my projects? Thanks.  

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Gregorio Billikopf

I'm such a beginner I do not think I have asked my question very well. Let me try again. 

I have a multitude of quizzes and created an introductory slide that I love. I want to copy that slide and insert it into each my quizzes. But the simple COPY does not work. When I open a new quiz, PASTE does not work. So I am sure this is very simple, but I do not know how to take a slide in Storyline 3 that I like, and add it from one quiz to another. Or is there even a way that I can keep it as a permanent thing I can add in the future.  

Walt Hamilton

Open the SL 3 project with the slide you really like. Delete all the slides, except Slide You Really Like. Click File and choose Save As. Name it Slide I Really Like.

Any time you want to use it, Click on Slides, choose Import and Import from Storyline. Find Slide I Really Like, and import the slide into the Current Scene.

You can import the slide into one SL project as many times as you wish, and where ever you wish.

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