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Frederic Waymel

Hi Wendy,

there is a screen shot  for testing scene.




I'd like to allow my student du clic on the button located on slide 4.1 then go to slide 4.2, answer to the question go to slide 4.3 or 4.1 and restart this with a new question each time they clic on the green button.

Actually, when I go back to slide 4.2 it's the same question that i see with the same answer already completed.

My stop and restart alusion in my previous post was to quit the project and launch it again.

It's not very clean.


Emily Ruby

Hello Frederic!

I checked your file, and if you add a results slide in with the option to retry the quiz, the questions will be random upon revisit. Not sure if you have a results slide  in your real working file, but I added it to the one you shared and it is working as designed.

Frederic Waymel

Hi Emily,

thanks for your answer. It's a good idea!

I've changed the trigger on the Retry Button to make all the action on the timeline start on the slide.

I've also deleted the 2 layers of the result slide and changed the duration to less than 0.2s.

The next step consist in remove the feed-back layer.

Thanks Emily.