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Jul 05, 2019

Hi everyone,

We are developing online assessments in AS3.

Using the resources feature, we are including the pdf that participants are being assessed on.

We have discovered that participants are not reading the pdf before progressing to the assessment and I was wondering if anyone might have a suggestion for this.

How can we ensure that participants (force participants to read the pdf) have actually read the pdf before starting the assessment?

Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Phil Mayor

You cannot force anyone to read anything. You could control progression by having a button to download that unlocks the next button, you only know if they have downloaded it.

The way to ensure they have read the PDF is to ensure the assessment cover this content in the PDF.Of course if they pass without reading the PDF they probably didn't need to read it.

Anthony Watson

Thank you both for this.

I have added a pdf image and added the following trigger to it;

   Action: Jump to URL / File

   File: *I have the pdf on my desktop

   When: User Clicks

   Object: Download PDF

Maybe I'm doing something wrong here but after publishing the Storyline file and viewing it in our LMS, the pdf does not open.

I've done a search on all the published folders  / subfolders but it just dosent look like its anywhere..

Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

*Please see attached.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Anthony,

I see that it's still giving you trouble! Thank you for providing the attachments as they were super helpful to see what you're looking at. 

It looks like the PDF file needs to be located on your local drive which is your C: drive.  This article goes in-depth on how to save a PDF file locally on your "Local Drive". Then, you will attach the PDF file from your Local Drive.

Here's a look at how your course works when I linked that PDF file from my C drive and uploaded to Review 360. 

If you still have questions, you know where to find us!

Anthony Watson

Hey Lauren,

Many thanks for the reply back and the video. Very kind of you. It's very strage but I am doing exactly what you have done and the PDF is till not there. 've even gone through each of the published sub-folders and can't see it. 

I have attached the published file. Would you mind taking a look?

Thanks Lauren.

Anthony Watson

Hi everyone.

Firstly a big thank you for the replies and support. Secondly, sincere apologies for the delayed reply back. Busy is an understatement at the moment.

I've been playing around with this issue and have found the following.

It seems that before publishing (to LMS) I need to make sure the 'Resources' option from the player has been chosen and the pdf has been selected.

That way, I get a story_content > external files folder which contains the pdf (thanks Wendy Farmer)

I have just created a very simple course and (after publishing to LMS) can see the pdf when I click the resources link at the top of the page but can not see anything when I click the PDF button. 

I have attached the simple course. the pdf and the published zip file and would be very grateful if someone could please take a look when they have a moment.

The idea is to have the PDF open when the user clicks the PDF button (not the resources link).

Thanks (again) in advance.


Anthony Watson

Hi Wendy,

Many thanks once again for the support. 

1. The trigger I have applied to the button is  Jump to URL / file.

2. Using the … to the right, I'm browsing to the Load PDF Test.pdf which is located on my desktop.

3. After publishing, I can see the pdf in the external_files folder but when previewing, the button just won't load the PDF. 

4. I have tested this in SCORM Cloud and our LMS Sandbox environment and can confirm the button works in neither.

Clicking the resources link does exactly what the button is supposed to do so I'm totally confused.

I suspect the reason you believe the pdf is not on my C:Drive may be the path you are seeing.

We are on a Citrix environment so perhaps this may be the issue?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Anthony

did you test the file I sent and could you access my document from the button?

I know when I was working with another software app that was recording screens the only way it worked in Citrix was for the application I was recording and the app I was using to record were in the same Citrix session - that's the extent of my knowledge surrounding that...

Do you not have a standalone laptop that could be used to load the PDF - would that be an option?


Anthony Watson

Hi Wendy,

The plot thickens but I think I've found a way around this.

I've taken a look at your path which is C:\Users\wenfa\Downloads\Load_PDF_Test.pdf.

I've moved my pdf to this path (on my computer) and redirected the trigger to the new location.

Re-published, pushed up to SCORM Cloud & my LMS sandbox, tested and it's opening.

I don't quite understand why it's not working when taken from the desktop but main thing is it's working.

Thanks again Wendy.

Much appreciated.


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