Real HTML Output with Storyline

Hi Folks,

I'm playing around with Storyline at the moment. I was suprised, that when I publish a course with "Include HTML 5 output" I don't get real HTML Files. The output is just a HTML Frame-Page and lots of Flash Animations which represent the slides.

It there a possebility to get "real" HTML Files which direct represents the single slides of my course?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tom and welcome to Heroes!

Storyline includes the Flash content of the course by default, but if you need to point directly to the HTML5 content you can point to the story_html5.html link that is generated. You'll still want to load all the files within the published output folder to your web server or LMS.

If you'd like to see future support for HTML5 only, you're also welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here in the form of a feature request.