Realigning recorded screens in try mode

I can't seem to figure out a reasonable solution for doing such an obvious thing:

I need to align a try me section I recorded to fit a template I must use. The template has a 50px menu at the top so I can't have the recorded section inserted into the template floating in the middle of the screen.

I've recorded it in the proper dimensions to fit the remainder of the screen.

Any solutions on how to achieve this? I'm using Storyline 1.

The top example is what I have, the bottom example is what I need.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nick,

There isn't a way to anchor the recording to the bottom of the screen - as if you're inserting it in step by step mode, it's included as a part of the background of the slide and if the recording size is smaller than your .story size it'll appear centered. 

I hope the community is able to share some other ideas/solutions with you here. 

Nick Leffler

I was sure there wasn't a way to do it before, but was hoping for any suggestions, or if this is something that can be done in SL2? Without that, if you're stuck in a template where you must realign screen recordings to fit in it, then they're kind of a useless feature of SL.

I may be building the software environment from scratch.