Really weird problem with States

Hi guys - I am having a really strange problem with a custom button I have created in a course.

I have edited the Disabled state of a red button to grey, using the Format Picture tools, adjusting the brightness and using the recolour option.

When I save the file and reopen the file, the Normal state of this button is changing to copy the properties of the Disabled button? Ie. all states of the button have turned grey when I re-open the file.

Has anyone seen this happen before? Is this a bug?

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Ant Pugh

Ah ok - I just made a video to show you, but it seems as though it's a known issue. So to stop this from happening, what would be the quickest fix?

I just tried to delete the offending Disabled layer, and add it again and then edit it, and the same issue is still occuring. 

Here is the video:


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ant!

Thank you for the video, that is very helpful.

I actually found a similar issue that our QA Team is working on and I have added this thread as well as you video for them.

Have you tried Matthew's suggestion above to create new states for each one instead of duplicating to see if this alleviates the issue for you? 

Ant Pugh

Hi Leslie - I tried deleting the Disabled state that I created, and then added a new default Disabled state (i.e I clicked on the Disabled option rather than creating a new state and naming it Disabled) but this solution didn't work.

I really don't want to go through the whole course and replace all of these buttons, there is over 50 slides and they all have numerous triggers attached!

Any other suggestions?

Matthew Bibby

I'm not too surprised the fix I mentioned didn't work. It was a while ago when I had this issue and I was most likely using an old version of SL1. 

If I was in your shoes Ant, I'd try recreating the three different states of the button outside of storyline.

Then I'd set up a completely new button and use the change picture option to swap in the new files.

Not sure if it will help, but I suspect it might. Then, once you have the button working correctly, just copy it to the relevant slide and then copy/paste the triggers across.

Ant Pugh

Thanks for the suggestion Matt, I'm sure that would work - but the issue is that this course is over 50 slides long and all the buttons are associated with triggers to limit the learners ability to move forward to the next slide. So I don't want to recreate a new button, otherwise I will have to relink all the triggers.

Leslie, please see attached for one slide from the course. The Next button is set to initial state Disabled - if Format Painter from the Back button, then save the slide, you should see the same issue that I'm experiencing as per my video. 

Ant Pugh

Hi Leslie - I'm sorry to say this suggestion hasn't worked. I have just reinstalled Storyline 2 and the same issue is happening.

Just to confirm we are trying the same thing, I am doing the following:

Click Back button > Format Painter > Click Next button (this turns the Normal state of the button to Red) > Save file > Close Storyline > Open Storyline 

If I follow this process, the normal state of the next button changes back to grey.

Ant Pugh

Hi Leslie (and everyone) - I have tried to create a new object and apply the same settings, and this issue is still happening on new objects. It seems that any object you apply formatting to, and then set to Disabled, copies those properties to the other states?

I'm completely stuck, I have no idea how to fix this - please help! 

I've made another video to help diagnose the problem.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ant! I took another look and it seems that I am only able to re-create this scenario utilizing the steps that you took. The issue seems related to both the re-coloring and disabled state (the color doesn't seem to matter). I cannot re-create the scenario using the standard built in buttons, so perhaps that will work for you in the mean time and I'll get this to QA. Sample attached.

Insert > Controls > Button

Ant Pugh

Thanks again Leslie.

The issue here is that I have a course with over 50 slides, all with custom Next and Back buttons, the default buttons provided by Storyline don't let me manipulate the buttons to be the same design. So using this technique, I am going to have to replace all the Back buttons too.

Over 100 buttons .... Not sure I'm ready to go down this route yet. I'm going to have to try and figure out another work around :(


Ant Pugh

Hi Leslie - it looks like I am going to have to use a button because of this bug - I can't see any other option. However, this is causing me more problems. 

If I want the button to be a circle, I can add a button and change the shape manually, but the icon feature doesn't let me centre the icon to that shape. (see image below)

Is there any way of creating a round button in Storyline that will allow me to centre the icon?

Ideally I would be using my own arrow shape, added as an image on top of the round button, but this doesn't work because I need to group the round button and arrow shape in order for the triggers to work, but if I group the button and arrow, the Disabled state doesn't work on the button when hovered over.