Rearranging Slides in Story View

Mar 06, 2013

I know that you can rearrange slides in story view simply by dragging and dropping. Does anyone know why the slides will n ot drop to where I drag them? I am new to Storyline (third day of use) and may be missing something simple here.

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I am dragging and trying to drop slides in Story View and Normal View and cannot do it. My slides are in the same scene. All I want to do is rearrange them. However what happens is that the teal arrow displays, but the slides don't drop in the order I want. If they do, they retain their old number and when I play the project, they display in the former order. Step-by-step, what do I need to do? Thanks!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi KP,

Welcome to the community!

When I started using SL I also found it difficult to get it to pay attention to what I was telling it to do (or at least, what I THOUGHT I was telling it to do).

I've attached a screen shot here that may (or may not ;() help. I did it pretty quickly (it IS Friday evening here on the U.S. East coast). Explanation below the screen shot.

In step 1 slides 3 and 4 are out of order.

In step 2, I've begun dragging slide 3 up above slide 4. I see the turquoise arrow, indicating where slide 3 will be dropped: under 2 and above 4. Good!

In step 3, slide 3 has been dropped into the appropriate location.

So, it is a matter of watching that turquoise arrow very carefully. It might also appear to the left instead of the right as it does in this example. I'm sure, with practice, you'll get there.

Step 4 is what to do if the menu doesn't adjust itself. From the Home tab, Click the Player button. In the Player Properties dialog box, click the Menu button. Then click that little "reset from story" button that the red arrow is pointing to.

If this doesn't help, shout out and someone will reply!

Edward Springer

I should have posted a follow-up to the original posting about not being able to move slides frm one position to another. When this happened, Storyline had been open for over 24 hours (I work from home and sometimnes forget to shut down everything when done for the day). After closing Storyline and reopening it, the problem went away. I have since found that if storyline has been open for too long, or that I have done a lot of slide editing, it starts to exhibit odd behaviors, like this one. When I encounter this, I save my work and close then reopen Storyline. I have been told that it may have something to do with the way the program caches data (?). Also, be careful with the Undo button, it does not always undo what you think it is undoing! Other than these few "quirky" behaviors, Storyline is proving to be a good development platform for our e-learning content. In fact, we are expanding the use of Storyline to other corporate entities. I would still like to see Articulate expand the programs finctionalities in the areas of animations, slude transitions, and image features (such as 3D effects on shapes). While I am on my soapbox, be aware as well when setting colors using RGB values as they may not render the samje as in other applications (ie Storyline vs PowerPoint). Finally, then I'll shutup, let's have a Mac version!

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