Reasons to be Cheerful

Good morning all you wonderful E-Learning Heroes!


I've an idea of something I want to do on Storyline 2 and wondering if it's possible.


I am creating a Systems Update training module.  The latest updates have many benefits for the users and I want to present them a selection of benefits for them to choose their top 3.  Once chosen, I want these to then appear periodically through the module as their 'Reasons to be Cheerful...1, 2, 3', reminding them why it's worth completing the learning.


Is it possible to do this as Drag and Drop or do you have any better ideas on which function to use?


jo x

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Brett Rockwood

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're trying to do but it sounds kind of interesting. I haven't tried this but you could set up a drag and drop where you have a number of items the user can choose from. When they drop one over a target zone it sets a variable of that is what they're interested in. Then at various points throughout your course you could have slides that read the variable and display the appropriate content, in your case the reminders as to why it's important to continue the study. That could be kind of fun maybe using famous quotes related to the topic, or something like that.


Jo Lamontagne

Thanks Brett, you've understood me perfectly :)


Looks like the variables function is the way to go.  If you take a look at the attachment, you will see how I'm planning on this working.  Only, my knowledge isn't at the stage yet where I know how to proceed. 


Would you mind sharing any tips on how to make the variables work so that the user's choices will appear on their Reasons to be Cheerful list ?


Many thanks