Recent SL update is causing scrollbars in FF when published to Review and Rise

Jan 20, 2021

Since the last update to Storyline 360 (v3.48.24116.0 - see screenshot_01.png) anything published to Review 360 or embedded in a Rise course is displaying in Firefox with scollbars (see screenshot_02.png) on the right and bottom...even just a new project, with no content added and no player menu controls.

It is not displaying these scrollbars in IE or Edge.

Any projects published to Review 360 prior to this time are still displaying without scrollbars (see screenshot_03.png content is blurred) so this appears to be a Storyline software update issue rather than an old browser issue.

Note that my orgnisation's version of Firefox is 60.5.2esr (see screenshot_04.png) and cannot be updated, and will not be updated across the organisation for some time.

Please see attached images...

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Philip Roy

Thanks. The ticket has been closed. I'm not sure why the issue started coming up, but rolling back Storyline didn't help. The update to Firefox across the organisation is unlikely to occur, so there's nothing that can be done...other than push for the organisation to update. That's very unlikely to occur so we can't do anything expcept live with the scrollbars.