Recent update issues - HTML5

Hi guys

I was pleased to see the recent update come through, especially the part about the logo issue being fixed.

However (you knew that was coming...right?), while it has resolved the issue in flash, I am finding the problem still exists in HTML5.

Eg 1 - Google Chrome

Eg 2 - Firefox

I can't check on IE as I am running on IE8 because my administrator won't update me to IE9 because "reasons" and IE8 doesn't seen to support HTML5.

Is this happening to anyone else?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Simon!

Thanks for the screenshot - though I'm not really sure which one is displaying the way you'd like it to :)

Looks like the logo is missing from the Chrome panel, that or you're not seeing the panel at all in Firefox.

How are you viewing the HTML5 content? Are you uploading the course to a web server or LMS before testing it? Try not to view the project locally. If you are doing so, please try uploading the course to a server and let me know if you see a difference. A link to the project would help quite a bit, as well.

The main issue for logos in HTML5 output that was resolved was the issue of missing logos. Can you provide a little more detail, or possibly share the .STORY file, please?

Thanks very much!

Simon Ray

Hi Christine

Thanks for your reply.

The two examples are not what I have in the player logo space.  It should have my organisations logo there.  The only published format that does not show the logo is HTML5.  The SWF and HTML are both fine.

I have been publishing the project to the C drive, as is always recommended, but even on the server, the problem persists.  I have no way of testing the project on a web-page as my organisation will not authorise the upload nor distribution of the material prior to approval.

The project is destined to be embedded in our web page for public consumption.

I may just remove the logo and menu, as while this is a nice feature, is not strictly necessary.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Simon,

Again, if you'd like, you're welcome to share either the .STORY file or the logo image. I'd be happy to test it out and see if I experience the same issue. If so, then it's certainly something we'd want to investigate further. 

If you need the content to remain private, that's perfectly fine, too. If you'd prefer, you can upload and send the file to us privately

Let me know what you decide :)

Thanks very much!

Simon Ray

Hi Christine

I went to create a smaller version of the project to send through to you (the original is massive), and to do this I had to redo the player settings.

And the problem went away.  So I deleted the picture out of the player and reinserted it, and no more issue.  It would seem that the update doesn't completely apply if the project was created prior to the installation of the update.

Thanks for the assistance