Recognising multiple pathways into a slide

Oct 01, 2013

Hi, I am wanting to use a graphic for navigation through the slides that displays a cycle.

If you click on "section one: introduction" for example, you go through to a "section one: introduction" slide.  

I'd like to show that the user has completed that section by then sending them to another slide with the same diagram but that "section" object dimmed, when they click on a home button  A problem occurs trying to show multiple sections the user has completed, if they are not moving in a linear way through the module (which they don't need to). 

Any ideas on how I can show the image/slide, recognising that the user has visited certain slides previously?

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Joy McGinty

Hi!  I'd like to piggy-back on Sacha's question.  I'd not only like the path option(s) already viewed to be grayed-out, but also unclickable (can't go back down a path previously visited).  Upon completion of each path, the learner needs to brought back to the option screen to choose a new path.  This loop should continue until all options are exhausted.  Then, once all three paths have been taken, learner gets taken to an entirely new scene.

Right now, I have the three paths created.  The learner clicks on the path they'd like to explore, and when they reach the end of it, it loops them back to the original slide containing the three options.  As it stands, all three paths work to completion and loop back, but all three options are available to them every time and the loop never ends.

This is my first Storyline creation...I've been using this app for all of 2 weeks   Could really use some guidance.  Thanks!

Dennis Hall

Hi Sacha:

You can achieve this using variables and States on the same slide. You navigation slide images can have states that display the images the way you want.


Image 1 state is normal to begin, while the rest of the images are disabled to begin.

You create a True/False variable for each path. Example Path1Completed (default = False).

On the last slide of Path 1, you set the variable to True and make the next button return to your navigation slide.

You navigation slide has a trigger that checks if Path1Completed = True and sets the first image to visited and the second image to normal so the use can go through it.

You repeat this scenario for each path.

If you need, I will upload an example containing 4 paths upon request.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall

I have uploaded a comprehensive example story for you both.

When reviewing the story, pay careful attention to Triggers, their order, when they are executed, and JavaScript triggers as well.

Once you see it, and it works for you, I encourage you to mark this post as solved so others can also learn from it.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Joy McGinty

Hi Dennis and Leslie

It worked perfectly, thanks!  I've got to tell you how impressed I've been with these forums in general, and with Dennis' rapid and very thorough response, in particular.  The fact that Leslie chimed in to lend additional support if needed was a nice touch

You guys are terrific!  Thanks for going above and beyond!

#1 Fan,


Joy McGinty

Hello again!

I was successful at creating visited states and being able to leave the loop only once all paths had been taken.  But, I still can't figure out how to disable those previously visited paths once explored. I noticed that functionality wasn't used in Dennis' example module, so I'm wondering if there is a way to prevent the learner from clicking on a previously visited path when they are returned to the options screen?

Many thanks,


Dennis Hall

Hi Joy:

Sorry this took all day, I worked on it for about 20 minutes, but where I work, it's kind of a celebration time because a big Assembly has just finished.

This example locks the visited scenes and display a completion message when all 3 scenes are completed.

Have a great weekend and please mark this as solved so other can learn from it.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Sacha Castle

Hi Dennis

after receiving your great advice I gained some confidence and wanted to try to add some further complexities but can't figure out if I've approached it in the best manner.

For my menu, I start with a slide build, using layers and an audio track giving some background ot teh menu items. When the path (i.e. one section of the course) is completed and the user returns to the menu page, I'd like to remove the build and the audio (i.e. all layers start at the beginning of the slide, and the audio does not play again). As a work around I've inserted a copy of the original slide as another slide, with the layers appearing at the beginning of the slide's timeline and no audio and am having users return to that slide, rather than the original menu slide. Just wondering if there was a tidier alternative.

Many thanks


Dennis Hall

Hi Sasha and Blair:

If you set the slide to resume, don't worry, it will not restart the timeline but it will re-execute the "at start of timeline" triggers, however, this will also stop any re-animation you may want to use.

A great solution is to target the audio specifically and stop it based on the Scene1Completed variable being set to true. To do this, look at my screen capture and set the media for the same thing.

With this, all other animation or anything else will still run for you.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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