recommendations for training plan?

Jun 22, 2014

I am fairly new to Articulate and will be using it to design software/technical training classes as well as general education..  I think the "fundamentals" class might be too basic, as I've learned most of that content already...but then again I don't want to miss anything!

My goal is to develop a strategy for publishing software tutorials, applications training, etc for in-house developed systems.  Long term, we will have several people involved in e-learning development as we are a large IT shop with 20+ developers and many customer departments.  

I am thinking about starting with one of the intermediate level classes - then deciding whether to follow up with the advanced class OR just use the hourly online instruction available through Articulate.    We are also open to scheduling private training on-site for a larger group, but at this point, I am the only one actively pursuing our e-learning initiative.    

Any suggestions/insight/recommendations would be much appreciated.  

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