Recommended Browser for Storyline 360 Web Hosted Courses

Aug 25, 2020

Hi there,

Is Chrome still the recommended browser for users to access courses developed using Storyline 360 and deployed on the web? 

I ask as my user base have Microsoft Edge as their default browser and last year we had web courses (mostly software simulations) hang when run in that browser so we issued notices to use Chrome only.  

There have been quite a few updates to Articulate 360 since then and I was wondering if Chrome is still the recommended browser?

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Brian Allen

Browser has less to do about Storyline (and updates) and more to do with how well the browser handles HTML5 content in general.

If your user base is using the *newer* version of Microsoft Edge, it's the same thing as Chrome now, so you should have no problem. Older version of Edge your results may vary.

Here's a good link for reference -

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