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Wendy Farmer

Hi Erin

not sure if you are using SL1 or SL2 - here are links to both sets of tutorials.



Shout out if you need more help.  Youtube is also a good place to check out Storyline videos.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Erin

the template that you have just has a sample of slides with the layout applied.  Looking at your document you would choose the True / False quiz type and then change the layout so that it applies the template you need.

I did a little video to show you - hope that helps you out.


Erin Stapleton


That helps so much with creating quiz slides!

Will I have to replace the assessment slide entirely with the new ones I created or can I copy the info from the new slides to the old slides? I cannot seem to remove the quiz materials from the original slides. I am just afraid that if I start removing and replacing slides I am going to change the numbering of the slides and seriously mess up the triggers that make the table of contents work.