Recommended Story/player size

Hi All,

As I am now becoming more experienced with Articulate and now incorporating more modules on to our LMS for training I want to increase the users experience and ensure I am setting my modules to the best/recommended player size.

At the moment i publish the modules at the default size 720 x 54o (4:3). Now thing is our staff/users may launch the modules on either desktop or tablets. I have noticed on desktop the player size seems quite small for the screen and can also be the case on tablets.

To note, when I publish majority of the modules they do not have the menu or glossary within the player (this may change in the future) I normally just have the title.

So based on this what is the recommended and optimum settings you folks would suggest for user experience?

I know this may come down to developers personal preference but I just wanted to see if there was a common preferred option or suggestion.

Thank you in advance for your help.




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Phil Mayor

In my mind it should be less personal preference and more based on the resolution on the screen that the target audience has.

Typically I will develop to a 960px - 1000px width. 

Average user screen size on the web is now 1366 x 768, but your organisation may still be sat in the 1024 x 768 bracket (average up until March 2012).

I like the 960px as it fits a grid nicely, however 1000px wide does give more screen real estate. 

There are a few reason for choose this rather than going with a larger size:

  • The larger the size the higher the bandwidth, this has a nice balance between higher quality imagery vs increased bandwidth.
  • I have designed a few Full HD courses that the iPad and other tablets cannot cope with.
  • 1000px wide fits the iPad nicely as screen width is 1024px (even on retina screens).

Whether I go with 4:3 or 16:9 is typically a client decision and i have no real preference, although 4:3 looks better on an iPad.