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Denise Michaud

Actually Kim this recommendation is from our contracted course developer....I just need to go back and convince the team.  I am in agreement-too long!   I am also concerned  from a technical aspect. The SCORM course will be loaded to our LMS, and I am afraid a video of that size will not play properly due to the length.  Are there any Storyline tech specs on this I can use to support the developer's recommendation, in addition to cognitive overload?

Kenneth King

Hello Denise,

I've worked with 30 minute and 90 minute videos in SL2.  I don't recommend this at all!  This was the client's request.  The 90 minute video was for a company's bi-annual live event for those that missed it.  And let's face it, SL2 was not meant to be a video editor.

For the 30 and 90 minute videos it took a long time to:

  • trim starting and ending points
  • playback/review the video in SL2
  • publish the file
  • upload to the LMS
  • playback on the LMS

I agree with Kim's comment above on cognitive overload.  The 90 minute video was an informative event,  not a learning event per se.  It's still overload to the viewer since they were unable to scrub through the video.  The 30 minute also should have been broken into smaller chunks.  Again, this was the client's wish.

The main focus should be on the length of the video (3 - 5 minutes, think attention span).  It's hard to say what the actual size of each video will be.

I hope this helps.

Enjoy your day.