Record a current slide in storyline 3

Hi I have done this about 5 years ago but now forgot, age thing! Using a current slide or slides that are interactive, I would like to record the slide showing and explaining how to use the interaction, including things like volume control, drag and drop, resources and menu tabs and so on Showing the learner how to use the available functions to navigate the course, I have tried in SL3 to record screen but alas my slide is not shown and all I see is my computer home screen any tips please.




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

To record your Storyline editing or preview mode, you'd need to use a second instance of Storyline. Once you have the .story file open that you'd like to record, navigate back to your Programs list and open Storyline and that should allow you to have two running.

Use the second instance to start a screen recording of whatever you need to capture! 

Hope that helps.