Record a video and create a View Mode demo, & publish a MP4 file?

Hi all,

Hi Articulate Storyline experts,

I am enjoying working some new projects with SL.

Part of the project is to create Demo videos, with automatic caption texts and to publish them as a MP4. They are uploaded on a website.

Then I also create courses and insert the same videos in it.

I use Cap**v**te ( ;O) to create each demo and publish as MP4, then I was used to insert the mp4.file in my Articulate course.

At first I discovered the great new recording functionality in SL, I thought  could now give up Cp and use the SL recording...

However i could not find how to do this...

The only way to publish my recording as a MP4 file is: to enter the fine tuning from the video source in a slide, click export I only managed in having several tiny mp4 files spread (export clip) ...and not a unique video... or a unique video if importing the video as one slide...but no caption texts...

Can I create a View mode demo video (or test or try mode) and publish it as a unique MP4 file in SL?

(or at least another format that I could easily and freely convert to MP4...)

I am lost and not really tech savvy, I am not sure I did the right thing...

Thank you for your help and sorry if this topic was already in the forum but I spent already many hours and could not find any answer...


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Jamie Morgan

Is there a reason it has to be an MP4? If you're hosting them on a website, why not just publish the Storyline file for web and upload that to your web server. Point it to launch the "story.html" file and it will play the course. It would be playable via a PC or mobile device (assuming you check the mobile publishing option boxes).

Julie B.

Thank you Jamie.

Yes, I start to ..try to have... the people from the other project (the one which requires the mp4) considering this solution,

but it is not the perfect solution on an organizational point of you as,internally the process to upload mp4 is much quicker and easier than the one to upload a storyline file. I would sum up saying "I can upload the mp4 myself" vs. "I would have to ask to upload the SL file and ask/pay/wait/rely..on...another Department"...!

Yes.. ;( I know....big organizations can become really complex..

Thank you for your suggestion!

Brian Batt

Hi Julie,

It's not currently possible to publish a View Mode screencast as a single MP4 file.  The reason for this is that each action in the screencast is published as a single slide with its own items (like captions, mouse cursors, and so on).  If you'd like to see a feature in a future release that allows you to publish a screencast as an MP4 video with the elements added to it, submit a feature request to us by using the method below: