Record Screen Try Mode, how do you change the variables?

Hello fellow Heroes,

I've been trying to change the variables for a Record Screen.  I love being able to have it play as a movie, a View, a Try, and a Test.  Yet frustrated since I haven't found the magical way to change the variables.

The screen recording demos how to log into a system.  SL2 captures my Username and PW perfectly!

So perfectly that I can't change them to something generic for a learner to use in "Try" mode.

Since that's a bad thing, having everyone know my Username and PW, how does one change those two variables?

When I look into variables I get the following:

• Used by a shape trigger on "Text Entry" on "3.7 Type 1234Abcd" in "3 Try Scene"

Trigger Text: "Set TextEntry1 equal to the typed value When the control loses focus "


Thank you for your assistance.



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