Record user's reading a transcript

I'm developing a simulation where the user will be asked to engage in a very techinical conversation over a two-way radio.  Testing their ability to use the radio and follow established communication guidelines is a key component of the training.

Currently, the user is asked to record their end of the conversation on a tape-recorder.  (Very old-school!)

I was wondering if there is a way to create an interaction within Articulate that could allow me to record the user's message?    This message could then be saved on the desktop or whereever is convenient. 

Wishful thinking, I am sure - but I'd appreciate any comments.

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Steve Flowers

Hi Jeff, 

Seems like a really cool and interesting challenge. You might have some luck with something like

This uses the Flash player to record audio. It offers an API so you could potentially do some neat stuff with it if you were able to unravel the complexity. 

Did you need to play this back for the same user or is it something you'd want to have available to an evaluator or another outside party?