Recorded Screencast not Inserting as Try Mode Step-by-Step slides

Mar 14, 2019

Hey there,

I have recorded my screen and would like the video to be inserted as Try-mode step-by-step slides. However when I click Insert, it keeps it as a video on a single slide. There are several times in the recording where I click on items, enter data into data fields, move my mouse, etc. but it seems that none of them are being automatically generated for me into step-by-step slides. Any help is much appreciated! 



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Lauren McCombs

Haha. Not a silly question but yes, I have. I'm just thinking it's not reading my actions (clicking on things, entering data, etc.). What's odd though is that I recorded another screen capture of something completely different (doing the same actions) and it worked. I submitted a case to the team with the file so hopefully they can look at it and see what's wrong. Thanks for your reply though!

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