Mar 29, 2019

Is there a way within Storyline 3 to record the preview?  When I submit my final product to my LMS they find an error that I cannot see when I preview it, and I want them to see what I see.

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David Price

None that I know of, however you could output the SCORM file, unzip it (if you choose to zip it), and then launch the story_html5.html.  You could then record your browser window using SL3.

The only other way would be to use another screen recording application to record what you are doing in Storyline (or you might be able to do it by opening a 2nd Storyline file and recording into that, but I've never tried it so not sure if that will work or not).  There are free screen recording applications out that and you could even download a trial of something like Camtasia to record your screen (although it will put a watermark on your video)

Wade Crabtree

Crystal -  turns out it was a programming error!  I couldn't see it as I didn't try to "break" the programming.  For example I have 5 buttons.  The first button is set to NORMAL and the other 4 are set to DISABLED.  When the first button is clicked, the second goes to NORMAL. When the second button is clicked, the third goes to normal, and so on.  I never thought of clicking on one of the buttons that had turned NORMAL again.  When that was done, there were a couple of errors that I have resolved.  Thanks to you and David for your input.  I have learned a very important lesson - turn and "break" it before submitting to my LMS!

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