Recording a presentation and matching it to slides.

Jul 30, 2012

I will be recording a live presentation where the speaker will be using PPT slides and we would like to record (audio only) this session and keep it in sync with the slides. What is my best option to do this in storyline. Do i have to record separate then place the audio file into new storyline slides or can i do it as the person is using storyline and presenting? Thank you.

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Gerry Wasiluk

One more option I just thought of, though its not without some "compromises."  This used to be an option with Presenter and older versions of PowerPoint but I've not tried it with Storyline yet.

In PowerPoint itself, have the presenter deliver the preso using the "Record Slide Show."  Capture the narration there in PowerPoint.

Then import that PowerPoint with the recorded narrations into Storyline.  PowerPoint will have have divided the audio into separate segments.

However, there used to be two tricky aspects to this.

1.  When changing slides, it's always best to have the presenter pause--and not start talking again for 1-2 seconds until after the new slide is up, otherwise his or her words may get broken up slightly when the slide changes.

2.  When delivering the preso in PowerPoint, you used to not be able to go back a slide.  If you did, the previously-recorded audio for the slide would get overridden by the new audio for the slide.  Not sure if PowerPoint still does this but it might.

Also, when doing this before PowerPoint 2007-2010, you had to set the recording to a proper WAV configuration.  Not sure if this is still needed or can be done.

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