Recording a Screencast Video...

Mar 12, 2016

I am going through the tutorial and now on Module 20: Recording a Screencast Video.

I have created a storyline file with 2 sliders layers. When it is ready to "Show Layer" 2, there is some type of glitch; therefore, it does not run smoothly.  Note that I trimmed the Base Layer. How do I fix/address that?

Please note that I am a 'Beginnner'....  :)

I attached the file.

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Leslie McKerchie

The only issue I'm seeing is a bit of a gray screen when switching, but if you view the original, untrimmed video it appears to do the same. So, I'd advise to trim a bit more if needed perhaps.

Our video editor is not as robust as a 3rd party video editing app.

Perhaps others in the community have suggestions/ideas for you to try as well.

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