Recording Audio Narration for a Video, or Vice Versa?

Is there a way to watch a previously recorded video while you record the audio to go with it? Or vice versa - listen to previously recorded audio while capturing video? I'm trying to build a demonstration video for a software training using Storyline 360, but I can't talk intelligently while using the software at the same time, so doing it all at once isn't working it. And if I record the visual and audio independently, I can't get them match up timing-wise. Is there a better way to go about this? What I've been doing is publishing just the audio, and then listening to it on my earbuds on my phone from Review 360 while I record the video on my computer, but that's a lot of extra work if I find I need to tweak the audio at all. Curious if others have had this issue, and how you got around it.

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