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Rich Cordrey


I admittedly didn't have a ton of time to dig in to this, but what about the following:

On the slide where you want to gather audio:
1. Provide a text entry field and instructions/link to an online recording service (I haven't researched any in depth for privacy, etc. mind you) such as Vocaroo (http://vocaroo.com/)
2. Have the student do the recording, and then
3. Paste the share link in the text entry in SL to pass through.

I don't know your audience/technology setup, but here's a quick slide I threw together to demonstrate:


I really don't think there's a way to parse in the audio after that, although it would be really cool if you could dynamically populate the target of a Web Object (I'm pretty sure that would get it done by feeding back in the stored variable value and playing automatically when loaded).

At least it's halfway there... ;)