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Oct 13, 2013


I'm developing a lab simulation for 8th graders, where they will measure the rate of transpiration in plants. Before and during the experiment, students are supposed to record data about the plants (time of day, temperature, humidity, weather, etc.) I'm basically recreating the attached worksheet in Storyline so users can record their information. What would be the best way of developing this in Storyline?

I thought about a freeform text entry, but there really aren't correct/incorrect answers (student answers will vary). I looked into Data Entry, but I'm not sure if that is the way to go either. Basically, I need various fields for students to record their answers..but don't want them to receive a score. The data will just need to be stored so students can see it (and go through the process of recording their information).

Any help is appreciated!!


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Christie Nicholas

It actually looks like Data Entry will work for this project, but I have multiple entries on one slide. I've watched the tutorial for the workaround (, but I do not have correct/incorrect answers. I really just want multiple fields that users can type into and review, if needed.

I came across this demo in the showcase and it looks like they have multiple text/numeric fields ( Anyone know how to achieve this?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christie,

If there are no "Correct" or "Incorrect" answers, you could either change what the feedback on those layers say to customize what your learner sees. Additionally, I saw another thread where a teacher was looking at creating a student worksheet, and was going to insert a Google doc/form as web object.  

Christie Nicholas

Thanks, Ashley. I tried a Google Form, but I cannot insert a table and students have no way of reviewing/accessing their information on an individual basis (which was an issue in the other thread as well).

It looks like that one demo (Are You Busy) found a workaround in SL somehow...

Anyone else have any other suggestions?


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