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Oct 21, 2016

I am looking for a headset to do my Storyline 2 audio recording that has good microphone recording quality and doesn't pick up background noise as I work in a shared environment. Most of the ones I have looked at online are gaming headsets. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Joy McGinty

Hi Deena,

I too work in a shared environment. I record voice overs in a conference room. It eliminates voices and other sounds, but still picks up the HVAC and display monitor buzzes. I've tried several different mic's, pop filters and portable studios. For me, it has been more about finding good editing software more than the mic. I have Adobe Cloud CC, but more often than not, Audacity is my go-to...quick, easy and effective.

Cary Glenn

I would recommend a stand alone mike and not recording at the office. Too many background noises from air-conditioning to doors opening to people talking. I record in my house and have a large closet that I have set up to record in. I still get the occasional sounds from cars or lawn mowers but it much better than when I recorded in the office.

Michelle Arakelian

Hi Deena,

I agree with Joy. I also use the standalone Snowball Blue microphone and it works great! I used to use a headset, but the standalone microphone seems to work better.

I typically reserve a conference room in the office and turn off the air conditioner in that room while recording. I also post a sign on the door to let others know recording is in progress. 

Henrik Clausen

I have found that a noise-cancelling headset gives a very decent recording quality, while taking care of modest background noise. So while I have a lot of experience in professional-level microphones, ease of use and reliability weighs in quite heavily when we have to book our experts for speaking and have limited time for audio editing.

My headset of choice is Sennheiser SC260, which is a fairly high-class one. Discarded options include all the wireless we tried (compression artefacts) and all sets without active noise cancelling.

The noise cancelling does produce a slightly muffled effect, but in context that's perfectly fine - most important is that we eliminate the need to find a quiet room with good acoustics. Even echoes from the room get eliminated by the noise canceling technology, which makes life a LOT easier :)

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