Recording results for each question in a SL360 course

Hi!  I need to build a multiple choice quiz using SL360 where I (admin) can see the result the user selected for each question in the quiz, not just the final score.

For example, I need to see if the user got question 1 correct, or incorrect, and the same for each question in the quiz. The quiz is for medical trainees, and each question addresses different clinical areas, so we provide each user with analysis of their areas of strengths and weaknesses based on clinical topics.

I plan to use Articulate Online to deliver the quiz.

I also don't want the user to see ANY results, as we provide this to them at a group face to face session.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kimberley,

Yes. There is a great report within Articulate Online that would fit the needs of your face to face review session: Attempt Detail: How did a user answer?

In addition, I wanted to share some information specific to feedback:

  1. You can set the feedback per question to none as the learner goes through the course.
  2. Be sure to not include the Review button on the result slide.