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Oct 01, 2012

I was able to record screen shots and publish to word, however, I can't read the screen shots in the word doc. Fine on-line and in Storyline, but unreadable in word. Help?

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Deb Reed

My recorded screenshots are unreadable in the word documents created via Screen Recording.I am trying to record the entire screen.  I took a SnagIt of the PowerPoint version and made it the same size. While the print is very small, (unreadable), the lettering on the PowerPoint version is crisp. The lettering on the recording version looks more like black dots.

Thanks for responding and trying to help.


Brian Allen

Not sure if I'm following you or not, but it sounds like when you record via Storyline and export to Word, the screenshots are unreadable.

When you take a screenshot with snagit and insert that screenshot into PowerPoint the screenshot is a lot crisper...  sound right?

If this is the case, I'm not convinced that it is an apples to apples comparison.  The page layout in your Word doc is probably portrait, and the layout for your ppt is probably landscape, which means that the screenshot will be scaled down more to fit the portrait layout in Word, making the text smaller.

Again, if this is the case and you export from snagit for Word, does the screenshot still look better than the Storyline export?

You may consider submitting a case with Articulate customer support if you feel there is an issue...

Deb Reed

Screen captures from my recording into Word doc seem to be of lower quality and not readable. I'll likely work from the recording and "Snag" screen shots to copy into my word doc. I can capture sections of the recording that relate specifically to the explanation I will be including in my Job Aide.  It will take a bit more work, but ultimately be more readable. Thanks anyway. I'm sure this wasn't what the developers had in mind when they created this applicaiton.

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