Recording Screencasts in Storyline

Hi Heroes!

I am stuck.  I do a lot of screencast work.  I import my slides as view slides because some steps will be interactive while some will be demo.  The issue I am having is that having the browser window zoomed to 100% would mean that the window would have to be huge to fit in most of the screen with minimum scrolling, so I typically bring it down to 80%.  However if I keep the story size the size of that I recorded it can be too big.  If I record at the browser window's optimal size and then keep the story size as the default it can be too small.  Does anyone have any magic tips to find a happy medium?

Thanks!! Happy Holidays!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Vanessa!

Here's an article I wrote specifically about how to set your Recording Size & Area when creating software sims with Storyline's screen recorder:

Creating Software Sims: Setting Your Recording Size & Area

The key is that you want your recording area to be the same aspect ratio as your slides, so the recording fills/fits in the slide neatly. However, you probably want to set your recording area to be AS BIG as possible (while still keeping the same aspect ratio as your slide size) so that the recording doesn't become pixelated or fuzzy if the learner views it on a really big screen. This is all explained in the article above, so hopefully giving that a read will help. Also, here's some other articles I wrote about creating software sims, in case you find it helpful!

Hopefully these will help you out :) Best of luck to you!