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A client is asking for a following functionality in a course for sales people. The course is supposed to consist of slides in which we present a person (company's client) saying something (agent with a speach bubble) and the task of the learner is to record their response. Then  the learner can listen to the recording. We do not need to store the responses but we would like to report the status of the course to the LMS . 

The goal is to provide the learner with a posibility to listen to themselves so that they can hear how they sound when they convey different types of messages (good ones, bad ones etc.).

Has anybody done anything like that? If not maybe somebody has an idea how it could be done?

Oh, and we want to use Storyline

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Ewa!

Hmm. That's an interesting idea, but not quite sure how you'd be able to record a user's audio in a course. 

One thought comes to mind that may help, or get you started. You may be able to find a third-party side or sound recording website that would enable the learner to record their voice/audio through a web object. 

Now, you wouldn't be able to score or track that recording, but if you found a tool that enables the user to play back their recording, it could definitely work.

For example, you could insert a web object for Screenr. They could record their audio and play it back when finished. However, keep in mind that Screenr records the user's screen as well. This is just an example of one type of recording that you could pull into a user's course and enable playback as well. The bonus, however, if you used something like Screenr, is that they could actually share that recording with others by sharing the link to their recording. I'm sure there's other sites out there that support audio-only recording, but just wanted to give this as an option.

I'd really like to see what you end up using for this, and other suggestions our community can share :)

Good luck!

Steve Lee


I had put a feature request in for this type of thing as I think it would be really useful for language learning too, as well as your great idea Ewa. But I'll see if I can do something like Christine says and if successful will post it here.

There is a great online recording tool called Vocaroo, perhaps this could be the way.


Manuel Aicart

I'm working on something similar. You may want to consult Moodle free plugins directory ( I find the following open source apps interesting, although they may require some custom coding to adapt them to your website:

Poodll (

Nanogong (

Babellium (