Recording text in Input boxes when capturing screen and showing in step by step view mode

May 12, 2015

Hi there,

Am I missing something here? I am recording a screen demo of an online software. At the beginning there is a login screen where a username and password is entered. If I import this into storyboard using step-by-step slides and view mode, the typed in text suddenly shows up as a complete word, that is: First the field is empty and then the whole word is there at once. The "act of typing" is not shown.

However if I import the same capture as "video on a single slide", the "text-typing" is played back exactly as it was recorded - one sees the single letters being typed.

What am I missing here? And please don't tell me that such a simple thing is not possible in step by step slides import. (Captivate can do it :-/

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary,

In a step by step section, the typing is not shown being typed - but just once it's inserted and the user is ready to move onto the next slide. Using it as a video on a single slide allows for the entire element to be recording as a video without the additional captions, clicks, etc. that Storyline adds. You may want to review the information here in regards to using screen recordings in Storyline. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary, 

If you wanted to show the text being typed, you could create your own "step by step slides" by capturing the elements first in a video on a single slide mode, and export out the MP4 video to crop down to just that typing element and then build in the same type of interaction such as where the user needs to click or how it's going to show different layers.  Similarly if you're able to create Flash files (outside of  Storyline) you could likely show the typing that way. But both of these are much more customized set ups - so if you're not looking for that level of creation, I'll defer to the community in case they have other creative examples. 

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