Recording two results


I have a course that has a quiz. Some learners might only take the quiz and not watch the course. Others are required to watch the course. I need the LMS to report when someone took the quiz (and their grade) AND when someone just watched the course. So I need two results slides.

I followed the instructions from this article to record when the learner reaches the final slide of the course, but it's not working.

Even if it did, I end up with two results slides: one for the course and one for the quiz. Seems a bit like a mess. Any ideas other than splitting the course and quiz into two separate files?


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Steve VE


You can only report one results slide to the LMS.

As far as I can see, there's no simple way to do this. You could set the Reporting and Tracking Options to track progress and completion using the number of slides viewed. This would capture those doing the entire course. You would, of course, still see the scores users get so would be able to find the "quiz only" people. But those who took just the quiz would not be marked as completing the course.