Recording User's Name and Email Address

I want to create a module for use in a tradeshow booth.   The module will be a game.  However, before the user starts to play I want to capture their name and email address and store it in a file such as Excel or any other file.

There is NO internet access available - everything has to be self-contained on a Windows laptop.

I can build a simple VBA/Macro in Excel which they would fill in and that would store the information. And then I could have a button to hyperlink to the course module.

But, my question is this:   Is there a way to build this completely in Storyline so that the user would enter their name and email into to text boxes and that variable would be added to a file such as Excel or Access?

The goal is to have a list of everyone who played the game in the booth.



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Elizabeth Dennis

This thread is kind of old, but I'll add my two cents anyway. :)

Use the code above to capture the data on an Excel spreadsheet, then using pivot tables and a dashboard you can simulate a scoreboard. Don't forget to go into the setting for the pivot table to refresh the data each time you open the spreadsheet so the dashboard will automatically add the new scores. 


Mohammad  Hassam

Hi Brain, 

Thanks for the valuable insight of using Java script and export data as a separate file. However, I am following all the steps you mentioned in the video but not able to get the file. 

I have tried to published this as CD and web version but still didn't get the file.

Please see the file attached and let me know at what I am missing.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Ravindra.  In case folks are no longer subscribed to this discussion, you can also try to reach out to them directly (especially if they posted a solution that seems helpful) by using the Contact Me option on their profile page.  We can't help with JavaScript, but a lot of folks in the community are able to leverage it successfully with Storyline.

Makayla Prevost

Hey Ben,

I am creating a course that will be published on a CD Rom and sent to clients who are Missionaries with little to no internet access oversees. The concept I am trying to figure out deals with the course completion certificate. I am needing them to take a screen shot of the certificate (the last slide of the course) and then that screenshot needs to be able to be saved (jpg/png) so that later on they can email it OR download a saveable pdf certificate that is populated via the text entrys in the course. They will not have internet access when taking the course therefore the saving action is necessary.  Any help/thoughts greatly appreciated. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Makayla,

Although certificates are not something we support natively, but if you're just creating a "certificate" on the actual last slide of the course, versus directing to the report.html page to use it as a certificate then users could capture a screen print of the slide itself. Most screenshot programs will save it using one of those image types. 

Hope that helps! 

Swast L&D

Hello, I know this is an old thread now but this could potentially solve an issue i’m Working on at the moment! 

I was wondering if there was a way of taking all of the results from a quiz (I have about 45 questions) and writing java script into the final results slide so that all the results are sent over at once?