Recording visited slides on LMS as incorrect


On our question slides we have a 'I don't know' button which simply lets the learner skip answering the question  and go onto the next slide. There is a 'Next' button which submits the interaction once the learner has filled in their answer.

However, if the learner clicks the 'I don't know button' the LMS doesn't pick up on it as an incorrect or skipped answer -  is there a way of programming it so that it is classed as 'incorrect' or skipped in LMS ?


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Anita Shukla

Hi Leslie, cheers for the advice.  I have a custom built submit button which has the the trigger 'submit interaction' - this reports fine in the LMS if the user clicks on it. But if the user clicks on a custom built Next button labelled as 'I don't know' it reports as null. This would be fine if the learner was able to visit every slide in the test but because of different branches in the maze-like test ,missed slides report back as null too.  Do you think the 'submit all at once' feature is still relevant to this scenario? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anita,

I think the submit all at once could work for this, as it sounds like your questions aren't being submitted based on the users' other selection. Could you also look at including that custom next button as an "incorrect" answer and adding a trigger to submit the question when the user clicks it?